Friday, July 22, 2005

The Left STILL Doesn't Get It

Ever since the Left had their butt handed to them in the last election, they have been trying to find ways in which to reach those with religious values. So they think if they can talk like a Christian they can win more vote. They even had a conference on "Spiritual Activism" to train up the braindead drones on the Left.
Liberals have complained for two decades that conservatives misuse religion for political gain, but it wasn't until well-organized evangelicals powered President Bush's election in November that some decided that they had to do more than gripe.

The latest post-election attempt at transforming the spiritual energy of the left into political clout began Wednesday at UC Berkeley, where 1,200 people attended the opening of a conference on "Spiritual Activism."

The goal of the four-day conference is to create a spirituality-based platform to counter the religious right, but organizers are also intending to connect with "religio-phobic" liberals through seminars such as, "I Don't Believe in God, But I Know America Needs a Spiritual Left."

"This is not an attempt to put spiritual words on the old liberal agenda, " said conference organizer Rabbi Michael Lerner, an antiwar activist in the 1960s who is now editor of the Tikkun magazine in Berkeley. "This is about transforming the society away from materialism and selfishness."

After a follow-up conference scheduled for February in Washington, organizers hope to see a spiritual politics caucus in both the Democratic and Green parties in the coming years. They're counting on participants to return to their communities and launch a spirituality movement that is rooted in values that transcend religion, such as eradicating poverty.

The way religious progressives can reach out to nonbelievers is to show them how spirituality "is your connection to other people in the world," Lakoff said.

"One good thing about this convention is that it is trying to organize individuals and not religious groups," Lakoff said. "That's powerful, because religious political leaders have been largely ineffective. Timid. They're good at local, feel-good action -- like working in a soup kitchen. That's good, but there has to be more."

Several conference attendees even voiced grudging respect for how conservatives use their brand of morality to advance their political agenda, such as in the fight over Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman whose husband finally succeeded in removing her from life support over the objections of the religious right and many congressional Republicans.

The Left still doesn't understand the meaning of Morals and Values, they think if they mouth the words, show a card saying that they belong to a church, that they can win votes. They can say they have values, they can say that they have the backing of church leaders, and they mouth all the proper phases that they want, it still doesn't demonstrate that they have the CORRECT Morals and Values that the people of America are looking for. Americans are not just listening to the words being said, they are listening to the underlining core values and beliefs, and the Left's core values and beliefs is what is being rejected by the voting public. I don't care if you spray paint a pile of dog crap with real gold paint and make it look all pretty and sparkly, it's still a pile of dog crap. And that is the same way Americans are finding the Left's new found religion, sparkly on the outside, crap on the inside. The Left can have as many conferences as they want, they can hire as many Leftist "Religious Leaders" as they want, they can rework their whole vocabulary, they still will have the wrong values for America and Americans.

Mr Minority