Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another Reason NOT to See War of the Worlds

I haven't seen War of the Worlds because I have an aversion to Tom Cruise. After reading this next article, you probably won't want to spend your hard earned money on the movie either.
A screenwriter for the blockbuster film "War of the Worlds" says the malevolent Martian attackers represent the American military randomly slaughtering Iraqi civilians.

Dave Koepp voiced his controversial explanation of the movie script to an obscure Canadian horror magazine titled Rue Morgue, "apparently thinking no one would notice," writes U.S. News columnist John Leo.

Meanwhile, the screenwriter gave the same jarring analysis to USA Weekend, noting that "the Martians in our movie represent American military forces invading the Iraqis, and the futility of the occupation of a faraway land is again the subtext."

How this spineless commie could take a great book and pervert it into an anti-American movie is beyond me. But I know that this cretin is not going to get any of my money, and I hope you boycott it also.

Mr Minority