Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have been writing this blog for over 3 years now, giving my opinion on the events, actions and statements that I have seen happening all around me, and I have to say:


Yes, every once in a while you have to vent, you have to tell it like it is, and I am nauseated by what I see happening in the world and America today.

- I am disgusted, not just disgusted, but sick and tired, filled up to here, with the hypocritical, pillow biting, kool-aide drinking, tin-foil beanie wearing, guilt ridden, bunny hugging, anti-Semitic, anti-America, hate filled, LEFT.

They have no honor, no integrity, no morals, no values, nothing to bring to the table, nothing but hate and vile rhetoric.


- I am also disgusted with the MSM, and morons that buy into the Al Gore-bot's Man Made Global Warming Myth!

It is a socialist plot to ruin the economies of industrialized nations, it is plot for control. Screw them! There is no "consensus", there is no concrete factual proof that man is causing the death of polar bears, all there is is a bunch of bought and paid for junk scientists writing their opinions because it brings them in money.

- I am disgusted with the Nannies! Always limiting our freedoms, banning this and banning that, because they want to protect us from ourselves. Well FU! I don't need you to protect me from myself, I am doing just fine without your interference thank you!

- I am disgusted by watching Europe, the MSM and a lot of Americans accept dhimmihood without putting up a fight! What is wrong with you idiots? Do you like being the slaves of Muslims? Are you scared that they will visit you in the night and behead you if you mention Muhammad in a bad way or print a picture of him? What a bunch of Nancy Boys! Lips all chapsticked up, just waiting for a Muslim to come by so you can kiss their ass. Why don't you fight back? Do you hate yourselves, your own culture so much that you are willing to give it up to a bunch of stone-age barbarians? Why don't you just off yourselves now and save the time and expense it will take for the Muslim to do it to you when they take you over. Pussies!

- I am disgusted with the MSM! The days of honest reporting of the news and facts is long gone, and the days of liberally bias, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Conservative BS is upon us. When scum like Bill Moyers and Keith Oberman are allowed to spew their hate and demented views over the airwaves and not be canned for it, when the NY Slimes is allowed to print national secrets and no one stomps on them for it, then you know that the MSM has no soul, no integrity and no ethics, they are just a PR machine for the Left.

- I am disgusted with pansy-ass Political Correctness that is strangling our freedom of speech. If I want to say Faggot without feeling that I need to go to rehab, then I will say Faggot! Which leads me to be disgusted by those that are "offended" the "victims" that feel that their emotional well being are more important than anyone else's. Screw Them! Get Over It! Pansies!

- And I am definitely disgusted with the Donks! Especially the Donks in Congress, could you guys be any more less grateful to live in this country? Why are you hell bent for leather on trying to screw it up? What is with you morons? Is it a genetic defect? Are all the Donks in Congress genetically disposed to having constricted carotid arteries so their brains quit functioning so their ideas, statements and stupid bills seem to have been pulled out of their asses? Do you really and truly believe that Americans want more taxes? Do you truly believe that Americans are quitters? Do you truly believe that we believe the BS you guys spew out on a daily basis? If so, then please go see a shrink, because your delusions of grandeur, your self deluding ideas are having an adverse effect on the rest of the country. What a bunch of Jim Jones thinking they are gods and that the rest of the country should follow them into drinking the spiked kool-aide. Please off yourselves to save our country.

Yes, I am disgusted, and venting makes me feel a tad bit better, but it doesn't fix the problems. Sometimes I wish I were Superman, and no not that Superman with the wide stance that was in the last movie, the real Superman, the one that believed in Truth, Justice and American Way. If I were him, then a lot of people would be hurting, because I would be showing them the errors of their ways, giving them a proper attitude adjustment, an offer they couldn't refuse, and if they didn't get it, well, then their carbon footprint would be reduced to zero.

I don't suffer fools easily, nobody should.

Friggin' Nancy Boys!

Mr Minority

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