Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flip-Flop or Admission of Reality?

Rep. Brian Baird is catching hell from the left, because he admitted, after a visit to Iraq, that the surge is working and that we need to stay the course. Every Leftie is piling it on him for his reversal of opinion, even Soro's commie organization
The anti-war group announced on Wednesday that it is launching an ad campaign against a Democrat -- calling attention to Rep. Brian Baird's support of "President Bush's failed policy in Iraq."

The Washington State Democrat is acting "against the views of his constituents" and against his previous voting record, the liberal group said.

"Congressman Baird's new position, in favor of keeping our troops in an un-winnable civil war in Iraq, is out of line with the majority of his district and the nation," said Nita Chaudhary of the Political Action Committee, in an e-mail message that described the Democrat's shift on the issue as a "recent flip-flop."

Since Congressman Baird is not spewing the party line, he is a traitor and a flip-flopper, and must be purged.

But is he really a flip-flopper? Or is he an honest man that has seen the truth of what is really happening in Iraq, not the crap the MSM reports, and is honest enough to change his view and support the surge?

Honesty has no place in Leftist/Donk politics, thus Baird will be slandered and chastised for his it. Because to Soros, Reid, Kos and the Muthrarians, hate is the prime directive and truth and reality shall not sway them from it.

Mr Minority