Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wow! What an Endorsement!

"Disgrace Mom" Cindy Sheehan got her first major political endorsement for her run against Nancy Pelosi. And who would endorse the Sheehag?

Why none other than that cop beater, Crazy Cynthia McKinney!
Cynthia McKinney, who served six terms as an often-dissenting Democratic congresswoman from Georgia, is as disenchanted with the cautious course of her old party...


...But now McKinney is taking the bold step of urging San Francisco voters to replace Pelosi with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who is mounting an aggressive independent challenge to the speaker in the November, 2008, election.

Wowzers! Having Crazy McKinney endorse Saint Cindy is like having Hannibal Lector endorse Jeffrey Dalmer to be on the Iron Chef cooking show!

I have to admit, Crazy McKinney and Saint Cindy are a lot alike and deserve each other. In fact I think they deserve each other so much, they should share a the Looney Bin.

Or Gitmo, the one which is safer for the other residents and the general public.

Mr Minority