Thursday, June 09, 2005

Talk About an Embarrassment!!

Jimmah Carter has come out and said that the Gitmo Retention Center is an "embarrassment" to the US.
ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter on Tuesday called for the United States to shut down its Guantanamo Bay prison to demonstrate the country's commitment to protecting human rights.

"Despite President George W. Bush's bold reminder that America is determined to promote freedom and democracy around the world, the U.S. continues to suffer terrible embarrassment and a blow to our reputation as a champion of human rights because of reports concerning abuses of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo," Carter said in a news conference following the close of a two-day human rights conference at his Atlanta center.

The nerve of Carter to accuse America of violating human rights at Gitmo, and for him to say it is an embarrassment. Talk about being an embarrassment!! Carter was an embarrassment to the US when he did nothing about our embassy in Iran being held hostage!! He was an embarrassment to the US when he showed the world that, he the President, was AFRAID of a bunny rabbit!! He was an embarrassment to the US when he approved of the fraudulent election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela. He was the worst President of the 20th Century, and he has the nerve to say America is being embarrassed by the Gitmo Retention Center? Ah, I forgot, Carter is a Donk, thus he has a license to be a hypocrite.

Mr Minority