Friday, May 09, 2008

Dan Rather Will Die a Deluded Moron

Dan Rather sued CBS, the suit was thrown out of court. He is trying again to blame CBS for his own embarrassing fall from grace. But that is not the story, the story is his refusal to acknowledge reality:
"The story was true. What we said in the report was true, despite what others have tried to have you believe about the documents, which were one, and only one, part of the story," Rather said.

He still believes his own BS, he still believes that a story, based on forged documents, is true.

He proclaims to be a journalist, but journalists are suppose to has a firm grasp on reality and report what is, not what they want it to be. And Dan lost his grasp on reality and continues to foster his view of what was.

Dan Rather is destined to die as a friggin' moron that will not acknowledge that his view of the world is seriously flawed.

Mr Minority