Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tell Me Something I Didn't Already Know

The MSM has been in the tank for the Donks for decades. When Clinton was in office, they prostrated themselves to the Bubba god. This time around it is to the idol of the Obamessiah. And part of their ass-kissing is to ignore the lies of their favorite Donk, and since that is the Obammessiah, sHillary will be outed.

Like they are now exposing the truth that Hillary lied!!
A decade before Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton admitted fudging the truth during the presidential campaign, federal prosecutors quietly assembled hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting she concealed information and misled a federal grand jury about her work for a failing Arkansas savings and loan at the heart of the Whitewater probe, according to once-secret documents that detail the internal debates over whether she should have faced criminal charges.

Let's see, the sky is blue, crap smells like shit, and Hillary lied and covered up her illegal activities...tell me something that is not already a known fact!

Donk fellating Morons!!

Mr Minority