Monday, May 05, 2008

It' Not About Politics, It's About Character, Judgment and Patriotism

The Obabmessiah is still trying to spin his association with anti-American racist Rev Wright.
Barack Obama said Sunday he never sought Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s counsel on political issues and would “absolutely not” seek his advice on policy if he gets to the White House.

The Democratic presidential candidate said his retiring pastor built a wonderful church that “lived out the social gospel,” but ultimately Wright’s comments about the United States “over the last several months and over the last several years … are contrary to what I stand for and who I am.”

I don't care if the Obamessiah won't adopt Wright's policies or agree with his "politics", this is about Obama sitting in Wright's church for 20 years listening to racist tripe, anti-American diatribes and anti-Gov't conspiracy crap. This is about Obama's judgment and why he listened to the garbage spewed by Wright.

And because SNOBama did sit there listening, I question Obama's patriotism, because I know Wright hates American!

Mr Minority