Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Wouldn't Be in This Position If People Had Listen

The "cost of energy" has now become a real big issue with the American public. And we can see why, with the price of gas at close to $4/gal and some saying it may rise to $10.
( - Iraq still tops the list, but energy and economics are fast coming center stage when it comes to American concerns about foreign policy.

More than 70 percent of Americans now worry "a lot" about the rise in cost of gas and fuel, according to the latest Confidence in Foreign Policy Index (COFI), released Tuesday by Public Agenda, a nonpartisan think tank, and Foreign Affairs magazine.


The poll found that six out of 10 Americans (60 percent) say reducing energy dependence would strengthen our nation's security "a great deal" -- a jump of 16 percentage points over the past six months.

And where does the problem lie?

I'll give you two guesses, and the answer is not the Republicans and President Bush.

That's right! It is the Donks and enviro-nazis!

If we had been allowed to drill in the ANWR, like those smart people have been trying to push through Congress for the last 10 years, we would already be pumping non-foreign oil into our infrastructure. And if the enviro-nazis and Donks hadn't been so obtuse about the "environment", we would have had new refineries built already and able to refine that new non-foreign oil into fuel.

The problem lays at the feet of the Donks and enviro-weenies for their obstructive and selfish agenda of not allowing the US to produce domestic oil, and continue relying on foreign oil.

So come November, remember, the Donks are the cause of the high price of gas and the suffering we are experiencing.

And don't get me started on high food prices, that is their fault also, them and their ethanol!

Mr Minority

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