Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh What Tangle Web We Weave...

The evolution of the Democrat presidential campaign season has been fun to watch, as it started out as the issues and what differentiates the candidates from each other. Since all the candidates were Liberal, they then tried to out uber-Liberal each other. Now that their socialist positions have been firmly established, the campaign has moved onto character, which both are lacking, in any positive characteristics.

Donks lie, it is in their nature. They lie to the public, they lie to their families and they lie to each other, they are natural born liars. But now those chicken have hatched and are coming to roost. Their lies are catching up with them, are being exposed, and they are mortified that it is news and that people aren't believing their spin for those lies.

What's the fuss? So Hillary lied about dodging sniper fire! So Hillary lies about not knowing that Bubba pardoned home grown terrorists and rich contributors! So what that the Obamessiah lies about not knowing what his anti-American racist friend and pastor has been preaching about for 20 years! And who cares that Obama takes big money from lobbyists and oil executives and has consorted with crooks and frauds! To the Donks character doesn't matter, what about the issues!

It comes down to, if you can't trust a person to tell the truth, how can you trust them on the issues?

For Hillary and Snobama, you can't, they are showing us that.

Mr Minority

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