Friday, April 18, 2008

Never in A Million Years

Never in a million years would I say or think: I would vote for sHillary!

If I was a kool-aide drinking, lobotomized, basement dwelling, pillow biting Liberal, I would vote for sHillary.

But since I am not, don't worry about that happening.

If you look at the issues, character, and experience, sHillary does in fact look better than the Obamessiah. She is a lying power hungry Donk, but Snobama is worse, he lies better, but covers it up better, and in fact I actually think his personal views are to the Left of sHillary.

I never thought I would support sHillary, but then I never thought that the Donks would come up with someone that is worse and sleazier than her.

Never in a million years!

Mr Minority

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