Friday, April 04, 2008

Pleeeeaaase, Save Us From Idiot Donks!

The Donks can't leave things well enough alone, they are constantly meddling in our lives and in everything. Case in point: sHillary thinks that a Free Market Economy doesn't work, thus she promises to meddle in it.
The nation's free-market doctrine is ill-suited for today's global market, Sen. Hillary Clinton emphasized in an interview with USA Today.

The New York Democrat told the national daily that if elected president, she will aggressively use federal tax and regulatory policy to promote key sectors of the U.S. economy.

She proposed stripping tax benefits from sectors such as the oil industry and using government policies to boost industries such as automakers, wind turbine producers and steel companies, the paper said.

It's when the Gov't gets involved in the economy, unequal taxation, dictating to businesses, things go to hell and hurt the people they are supposively trying to protect.

And sHillary promises to drive us down the sewer as fast as she can.

Mr Minority

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