Thursday, April 03, 2008


Being a logical conservative human being that is grounded in reality, there are some things I just don't understand or don't make sense.

Such as:

- Why must the MSM be so much in the tank for Liberals and their agendas?

- Why must Hillary lie?

- Why do ILLEGAL ALIENS think that we Americans owe them something?

- And do the Open Borders morons think that we should allow every Mexican a free ride into the US?

- Why are the dhimmis so bound and determined to appease those Islamics that want to kill them?

- Why are Liberals so stupid, and can't grasp reality?

- Why do Liberals hate Christians, but love Muslims?

- Why does the Al Gore-bot think he can actually fool the world into believing his BS on Global Warming?

- And are there so many morons that believe his BS?

- Why do the Nanny Staters think that they know better that we do, what is good for us?

- Why do Vegans think they are better than us meat eaters?

- Why must the MSM lie to the public about the economy, Iraq, the Bush administration, guns, the price of oil, Global Warming....

- Why does this same MSM think they can make up stories and think people will believe them?

- Why do people actually believe that the Gov't had something to do with 9/11

These are just some of the questions I ponder upon, some of the question I may know the answers to, but the answers doesn't make sense to a logical mind.

Mr Minority

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