Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beware of the Global Warming Taliban

Zealot: a fanatical partisan

And that is what we are dealing with now when it comes to this mythical issue. We are not dealing with rational beings that are just passionate on the issue, we are dealing with zealots that will not see reason, or acknowledge the facts that point out the fallacy of their "vision". Other than the Goracle, NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is a perfect example of a Global Warming zealot.
UNITED NATIONS — While he acknowledged that scientists are unable to predict its consequences, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday compared the scourge of global warming to the threat of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Although it is a "long-term" fight, he said, reducing gas emissions may save the life of "everybody" on the planet, the same way that fighting terrorism and its proliferation saves lives in shorter terms.

Mr. Bloomberg renewed his call, made first late last year, for taxing countries such as America that emit large amounts of carbons, which are believed to cause changes in the planet's climate. "So long as there's no penalty or cost involved in producing greenhouse gases, there will be no incentive" to meet targets set by international institutions, the mayor told the General Assembly. "For that reason, I believe the U.S. should enact a tax on carbon emissions.

"Terrorists kill people. Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill an enormous amount of people," Mr. Bloomberg told reporters after addressing the U.N. General Assembly, but "global warming in the long term has the potential to kill everybody."

Ignore the evidence that directly demonstrates that the Sun is responsible for our current small shift in climate change! Ignore the fact that not all scientists bow down to the Global Warming monster god that promise to reek havoc and destruction upon the Earth!

We must tax people! We must use biofuels so we can starve people! We must stop all technological advances! We must ruin civilization!!!

The true terrorists are those that will not acknowledge that they are wrong, that their gleaming path to being righteous with mother Gaia is a path to destruction.

Yes, we have a new Taliban, it is those zealots that worship at the feet of the Goracle and his self-righteous path to save the world from man, even when man has no responsibility for the problem.

Lord save us from the Global Warming Taliban!!!

Mr Minority