Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Burden on Society, Eh?

The pro-ILLEGAL Alien lovers zealously spout the mantras of "they pay taxes", "no burden on society", and "doing jobs that Americans won't do". But when you look at the facts, the cost of having millions of ILLEGAL Aliens sucking up our taxpayer dollars in social services, free healthcare, education costs, and overloading the justice system, they are a burden on America. As Rhodes Island has found out and is trying to deal with.
PROVIDENCE - Rhode Island, facing a budget crisis that will lead to massive cutbacks, is engulfed in the most intense battle over illegal immigration in New England, with Republicans and Democrats alike calling for a crackdown on unauthorized workers.

In the past few weeks, state lawmakers and the governor have proposed a battery of measures targeting unauthorized workers, from expelling undocumented children from the state's healthcare system to making English the official language to jailing business owners and landlords who harbor illegal workers.

There is nothing wrong with immigration, legal immigration that is. America has thrived upon it, it is part of what makes us great, and we encourage it. But those that come here ILLEGALLY, crossing our southern border, thinking that America owes them something are adding nothing except a burden on America and its legal citizens.

Oh, and to set the record straight, Boston Globe, they are ILLEGAL Aliens, not "undocumented workers". Liberal morons!

And I bet you want to give them drivers licenses too!

Mr Minority