Monday, November 26, 2007

Too Bad, Not Sad and Journalistic Dishonesty

The San Fransicko Chronicle is bemoaning the fact that the latest batch of anti-American/anti-War in Iraq films have bombed.
Jabbar Magruder is an active duty Army National Guard sergeant who served 11 months in Iraq. He was hoping that stateside Americans would get a glimpse of what the war was like when several dramas featuring the Iraq conflict either in the foreground or the background hit theaters this fall.

Few have. Despite A-list casts - including Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones - and generally good reviews, war-related dramas tanked this fall at the box office, failing to attract a substantial audience during Hollywood's serious film season.


But to some Iraq veterans, like Magruder, who have tried to raise awareness about the war's perils, the apathy represents a larger disconnect many Americans feel toward the war. Implicit in the Redford, Streep and Tom Cruise film "Lions for Lambs" is a challenge to filmgoers to become impassioned about the war.

Few received the challenge; box-office gross for the film dropped 57 percent nationally last weekend, its second in theaters. Its two-week gross was $11.5 million, low for a film that cost a reported $35 million to make. "Lions" earned only slightly more last weekend than "Saw IV," the serial-killer bloodbath, which is in its fourth weekend.

"I thought that with the casts (of these films), at least a portion of America would go to see them," said Magruder, a 24-year-old who is taking premed classes at California State University Northridge and is the Los Angeles chapter president of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Not only is the Chronicle whining about the poor showing of these films, but they got a real honest to God vet to interview. It just so happens that this vet is part of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. In fact everyone interviewed was a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War, that's real objective of the Chronicle don't ya think?

And how well have these anti-American/anti-War films done to date?
"The Kingdom," starring Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, was the top earner with $47 million, "which is a low gross for a Hollywood action picture," Gray said. "Rendition," starring Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon, has taken in $9.7 million, and "In the Valley of Elah," $6.7 million.

"Redacted" opened last weekend ...The film grossed $26,000 over the weekend, a per-theater ratio low enough for Gray to declare it a flop for DePalma, who won the best director award at the Venice Film Festival this year.

These leftist idiots don't understand that the American public doesn't want to see leftist propaganda against the War in Iraq, they want to see American soldiers as the good guys, they want to see our troopers kicking terrorist ass.

But I doubt very much if we will see any pro-military films coming out of HollyWeird soon, even if it would make a ton of money, it's not going to happen.

Mr Minority

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