Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is Funny, I Don't Care What You Think!

Some people don't have a sense of humor, especially feminists.
A business owner is standing his ground, and the women in his family are standing with him, after a YWCA of Niagara official charged his company’s advertising is gender insensitive.

Richfield Street-based American Concrete had a new billboard erected Monday on West Avenue. Over the image of a wrapped gift, the solicitous catchline, “Wife need new shoes?” is accompanied by the American Concrete logo and a greeting, “Happy Holidays.”

What company owner Kevin McCabe sees as risqué spoof, YWCA Executive Director Kathleen Granchelli condemned as ignorant.

“I’m sure it was considered to be a joke, or something cute, but with the number of fatalities we see in the domestic violence field, it’s not a joke,” Granchelli said Thursday. “It’s in very poor taste.”

No, it’s not, countered McCabe.

“I think the mainstream understands it,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that some people are reading much more into it than they should.”

Come on that is funny, even if Ms Femi-nazi has her granny panties all in a wad about it.

Someone ought to by her a pair, make that a pair with 9" heels.

Mr Minority