Saturday, November 17, 2007

Atheists Not Only Hate Crosses, They Don't Care About Dead Troopers

Most Atheists are haters (but not all, I know some sensible Atheists), they hate Christianity and anything to do with Christianity. And they doubly hate crosses, even ones that are used to memorialize the death of State Troopers.
If a national atheist organization has its way, a series of 12-foot-tall memorial crosses that adorn Utah's highways will be taken down.

But not if the families of the people those crosses honor — state Highway Patrol troopers killed in the line of duty — have anything to say about it.

American Atheists Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that the 13 white, steel crosses represent the death of Jesus Christ and therefore violate the First Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits government establishment of religion.

But the families of the fallen heroes say otherwise. They say the crosses, which bear the names and badge numbers of the troopers, were built strictly as memorials.

"We're being attacked personally for something we did to help us heal," said Clint Pierson, whose father, Trooper Ray Lynn Pierson, was shot and killed during a traffic stop in 1978.

"We put the crosses up as a memorial to the fallen officers."


The New Jersey-based American Atheists filed suit in 2005, arguing that the crosses symbolize Christianity and break state and federal laws against roadside memorials.

"They know very well that the cross is a Christian symbol," said Dave Silverman, spokesman for the group. "They are breaking the law by putting up memorials for fallen heroes."

There is no compassion, there is no honoring of those that gave up their lives to protect the public, all there is is hate. To rid America of Christianity and God is their main objective, and to enforce the removal of any memorial cross, whether it be for Vets as in Soledad and San Diego, or for fallen troopers, the Atheists want them gone.

How un-American Atheists are!

They are a bunch of anti-God jihadis! That's right, they are on a unholy war to rid America of all that is God related, just like Islamofascists want to rid the world of infidels. Same book, just a different page.

Mr Minority