Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Hypocracy of the ACLU and Other Dhimmis in America

As the ACLU fights even the hint of Christianity displayed by any taxpayer funded gov't or organization, they ignore the growing intrusion of Islam into these same area. So why aren't they up in arms and filing lawsuits in Indianapolis?
Indianapolis airport officials have announced plans to add footbaths for Muslims who wish to wash before their five-times-daily prayer rituals, and that's just too much for one pastor, who has called for residents to organize and protest such an establishment of religion.

The issue has been appearing in more and more airports and other public facilities in recent weeks, where Muslim immigrants are a growing segment of those who drive cabs, and spend hours waiting on arriving passengers for their fares.

And why should the airport officials cater to Muslims, when they wouldn't even think to do the same for Christians or Jews?

And where is the ACLU while these Islam specific foot-washes are being built?
The ACLU has not opposed the installation of the religion-specific facilities in other locations. When the University of Michigan installed footbaths in campus restrooms, it concluded that the university's reason was for "practical cleanliness and safety."

That's right, foot-baths built for and only used by Muslims for religious purposes are totally acceptable, but you had better not even think of putting up a cross or displaying the Ten Commandments! Can't have those!

Such is the dishonest mind-set of the ACLU.

And what is the response of Muslims to the outcry against this dhimmitude? Guess.
Shariq A. Siddiqui, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, said the real issue is that American Muslims face intolerance every day.

"The problem I have with him is that he associates Muslims with the enemy," Siddiqui said. "For him to demonize all of us is the problem."

That's right, we are Islamaphobic! It has nothing to do with the fact for decades that America has been attacked by activist Atheists and the ACLU for any hint of Christianity in public, and Islam is being given preferential treatment, nah, that couldn't be it. It has to be Islamaphobia.

I say if they are built with public funds, the public has the right to use them, so what do you think the response will be if Christians and Jews started using them? Hmmmm?

Mr Minority

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