Thursday, September 27, 2007

"We are Going to Stop Global Warming!" Oooops, Make That "We are Going to Accelerate Global Warming"

The Eco-nazis and Global Warming Chicken Littles in their panic to stop something that hasn't been proven yet, have been trying to implement draconian measure that will affect our economy, businesses, and personal lives. And the first measure they have been successfully pushing is biofuels and ethanol in particular. Not only has the ill planned manufacturing of ethanol cause food shortages in Mexico, higher prices of meats and dairy products, uses more energy to manufacture than it saves, it nows is being reported to have a worse affect in the planet's atmosphere than gasoline.
London ( - Biofuels may do more harm than good in the drive against "global warming," according to two new European studies.

Most biofuels cause more environmental damage than ordinary gasoline, according to a paper released this month by a team of scientists led by Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen.

However, since nitrogen is found in most crop fertilizers, the use of biofuels also produces nitrous oxide (N2O), a gas thought to be much more harmful to the atmosphere than the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from fossil fuels.

Ethanol, as I have been saying for a long time, is not worth the energy, time or cost to use, and now we find out that it is worse than good ol' oil. Go figure!

And in their rush to "save the planet", the panacea of the eco-movement is actually exasperating the so called problem than fixing it, will they acknowledge this fact? It is to be expected that the narrow minded liberal tree-huggers whose hatred blinds them to reality, are causing more harm than good. Just look at their past causes, DDT, the banning of this harmless substance has caused malaria to again be a major disease. Their ban on cutting trees in the national forests have caused an increase in the chances that our forests will succumb to major and devastating fires.

Thanks Al Gore, you are going to burn us up faster! (if you believe his mystical rantings)

Mr Minority

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