Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Poland - Not Just Another EU Toady Nation

Ever since Poland joined the EU, they have stood out as a country with morals, not just another servant bending over for the secular socialist EU Gov't.

Poland has sent troops to Iraq, they won't allow gay propaganda to be taught in their schools and now they are frustrating the EU and it's propose ban on the death penalty.
( - European governments at the U.N. General Assembly in New York this week are pushing for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty. But European Union consensus has fractured over one member state's determination to link the issue with abortion and euthanasia.

Poland's refusal to go along with its fellow 26 E.U. member states has stymied the bloc's plans to mark an official "European day against the death penalty" next month.

Poland's deputy justice minister, Andrzej Duda, argued at a meeting of E.U. justice and interior ministers last week that the union should instead celebrate a "right to life" day, with abortion and euthanasia on the agenda, too.

Poland is not just being a good little toady nation and doing what they are told by the EU, they have their own moral culture and are willing to stand up for what they know is right.

I like this one statement by the anti-Death Penalty bleeding-hearts:
The Paris-based group Together Against the Death Penalty expressed deep disappointment over the turn of events, and said the death penalty issue could not be linked with those of abortion and euthanasia.

To these moral relativists, they is no link between them, but if you have a brain and soul, then you realize that how can you be against the Death Penalty for criminals but advocate the Death Penalty for innocent babies and seniors? And the Polish Gov't and Polish people understand this.

I personally support the Death Penalty and am against abortion on demand, and that does not make me a hypocrite. Because the difference is the taking the life of a person that knowingly committed murder versus taking the life of an innocent and unsuspecting baby.

I am proud to call Poland one of the best allies that America has in the world today, and very proud to call them our friend.

Mr Minority