Friday, September 14, 2007

Proof Metrosexual Men are Nancy Boys!

Real men consider metrosexual men to be sissies. And now we have the proof!
A new study shows that men with characteristics such as sensitivity and tenderness are put off products promoted by advertisements featuring squared-jawed hunks, preferring those featuring more feminine looking male models instead.

“Advertisers should take note of this research because it shows that many ads could be ineffective,” said Professor Brett Martin, of the University of Bath, who led the research.

“Not because of the product, but because the model chosen and the suggested positioning of the brand, may not match the preferences of the male consumer.”

Professor Martin’s team asked 244 male undergraduates to look at print advertisements showing a mobile phone, next to which was a male model. On one of the ads his appearance was classically masculine, with short hair, broad shoulders and a jacket and tie, on another feminine, with long fair hair and slender build, and in a third he looked androgynous.

Those undergraduates who had, in an earlier study, scored higher for traditionally feminine traits like compassion and love of children, tended to prefer ads featuring the feminine model. Those with traditionally masculine traits like aggression and dominance preferred the masculine model.


“What this shows is that males responses can be divided into two groups," said Professor Martin. "Masculine men, who prefer masculine models and who are scathing about any male model that is not suitably masculine. And feminine men who prefer feminine models.

‘Feminine’ males' evaluations were twice as favourable towards ads with a feminine model than ads featuring a masculine model.

I rest my case.

Mr Minority