Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 Years Ago Today, I Remember as If It Were Yesterday

It happened 6 years ago today, and we should remember it as a day that America was changed. I posted 3 years about what I was doing on 9/11/01, and it still has meaning.
That day 9/11/2001, I had stayed home to do some design work, because where I worked didn't have a 3D Mechanical Design program, and I did. About 9:00 that morning, my wife called and said that she just heard on the radio, that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center Towers. So I flipped the TV on (I think Fox News) and saw the burning and wreckage. After a few minutes of astonishment, I asked myself, how this could happen? Why wasn't it diverted away from the city? And as I was watching, I saw a spot in the background get larger and larger, and realized it was another plane and it was going to crash into the other tower. I watched in horror as it did. Then I saw the resultant crash into the Pentagon and saw the aftermath of the crash of Flight 93 in the Pennsylvania countryside. After the second crash into the World Trade Centers, I came to the realization that these were no accidents, that there were madmen purposely doing this. They were purposely crashing planes into American Buildings, the Pentagon and were trying to kill as many Americans as they could. And I was PISSED!!

And last year I was part of the We Will Never Forget project in which I honored one of those that died that day.
Today we remember the 2996 lives that were lost on 09/11/2001. We remember the innocent victims, like John, that were aboard those airplanes used to harm America. We remember the innocent victims in Towers and the Pentagon and we remember the heroic Firefighters and Policemen that died trying to save lives.

Today we remember the innocent, but we also should not forget those that perpetrated this tragedy. Because when we forget them, as many have, we are opening ourselves to another attack. We must be diligent to never let it happen again.

Five years later, America still stands. Because America is not it's vast and different lands, America is not skyscrapers and schools, America is it's people like John Wenckus, and America is it's ideals, like freedom and liberty. We Are America! And we remember John Wenckus.

And what I said 3 years ago still holds true today:
Today we remember those innocent lives that died at the hands of subhuman madmen, but we need not let their deaths be in vain. We the people of all nations need to root out this evil anywhere it may be, and burn it! Burn it out everywhere and everyone of these fanatical nutcases, lest they spawn Evil again. No Appeasing, No Negotiating, Just STENGTH, POWER and UNENDING RESOLVE! So history does not have to repeat itself, and we don't have to mourn another tragedy by insane religious fanatical Terrorists.

But there are those that have forgotten, those that believe that Bin Ladin's Terrorists are freedom fighters, those that believe that it won't happen again, and they are wrong, deluded or just plain haters of all that is good and just.

The Pacifists, Leftists and Liberals of this world will never understand this, because they live in their own Socialistic Dreamland with no thought to reality. They think if they kiss up to these cowards, they will be left in peace. This will not happen. They think if we are a little more compassionate, they will leave us alone. This will not do it. And they think if we are a little more sensitive to their needs, we can all get along. That won't work either. The Terrorists of this world are inflamed with hate, jealousy, and barbaric religious fervor, and making nice with them will not stop them from killing innocent people. I hope the Pacifists, Leftists and Liberals of this world one day wake up to what is happening around them, and realize that they are wrong, before these Cowardly Subhuman Terrorist kill their families too.

These terrorists didn't attack America because we were oppressing them, they didn't attach us because we were warring with them or economically suppressing them, they attached us because we are the beacon of freedom, and they hate us for ideological reasons. We have religious freedom, economic freedom, freedom of speech, these are the reasons they hate us, because these freedoms oppose and expose their oppressive radical religious ideology.

History tend to be repeated by those that forget it's lessons, and this one lesson America had never forget, despite what the Bleed-Hearts and Liberals want, we better remember those innocents that lost their lives to the cowardly terror of 19 barbarians, because if we forget or lose our resolve to fight this war, it will happen again.

God Bless America!!!

Mr Minority