Thursday, August 16, 2007

It is Time For a Shake Up in the GOP?

The GOP leaders have become so entrenched in D.C. that they have forgotten what and who got them there. These Beltway Republicans are not the same Reagan Republicans that took over congress in '94 and maybe it's time for new blood to take the reins of the party.

Just listen to Party Chairman Sen. Mel Martinez because he still sounds like he is out of touch with the party base with his admonishment of Romney and Giuliani for their stance on ILLEGAL Immigration.
The Republican Party's national chairman scolded his party's two top presidential candidates this week for their tough stance on illegal immigration, even as both men moved to try to one-up each other in calling for stricter enforcement.

Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, President Bush's handpicked choice for party chairman, chided former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani for opposing and mischaracterizing the Senate immigration bill Mr. Martinez helped craft.

Here we have the Party Chairman trying to slap the hands of the 2 leading GOP contenders because they are listening to the people and he isn't. This one issue, ILLEGAL Immigration, lost the election for the GOP in 2006 and it is the one issue that has the base is very passionate about, and it is also the one issue in which the base and leadership are on opposite sides.

So instead of listening to the people that got them elected in the first place, they are still trying to force their idea of Shamnesty down our throats, so I say maybe it is time for a change in the Party leadership positions. And the Party has the right people to fill those positions. Why is Michael Steele still on the sidelines? Where is JC Watts? Why are we still listening to Martinez, Spector and MCain when we could be listening to Colburn, Sessions and Gingrich.

If the GOP wants to win the White House, and take back Congress, then they had better give up the Beltway politics and listen to the party base, because without the base, they will be just retired, fighting for the job of dog catcher.

The one thing I didn't want to do was to sound like a Leftarded Nutroot Kos Kid bemoaning and screeching at the DNC. And I am not saying this for myself or my idealogical agenda like the self-centered Nutroots would, I am saying it to help the GOP to realize that they have a chance to win in 2008 if they do something and listen to the base's views, or they will lose, again, because they think they know better than their base.

The Party is on the cusp with the elections in 2008, and it is theirs to win or to lose.

Mr Minority

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