Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crack Head Crime Posting # 34,977

Ah, crack heads are such good entertainment because they tend to do things that normal people wouldn't even think of doing. Hell, even potheads aren't that stupid.

Today's crack head stupidity: Invade someone's hot tub, get nekkid, and of course, smoke crack.
Police arrested a man after he was found naked in a hot tub in Cumberland County.

On Sunday night, Upper Allen Township Police were called to a home following a call of a suspicious man. That’s where police found 49-year-old Richard Hedin of Mechanicsburg in the hot tub. Police also found Hedin had a crack pipe.

He faces indecent exposure, drug, and public drunkenness charges.

Hey what's wrong with trespassing on someone's property, stripping down into the bluff and smoking a little crack? Isn't that the national pastime? No, well it ought to be.

Mr Minority