Friday, August 10, 2007

Even the Jews Know that Olmert is Anti-Jewish

Israel's PM, Ehud Olmert, doesn't talk like a Israeli (wanting to kiss palewhinian butt), and sure as hell doesn't act like one either (surrendering to the Hezzies last year, and too eager to give away Israeli land for "peace"). And with his current bulldozing of synagogues, even the Jews are saying he doesn't act Jewish.
JERUSALEM –A group of hundreds of prominent Israeli rabbis today issued a statement calling Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's recent actions "anti-Jewish" and "hostile to Judaism."

The rabbis were referring to a series of moves the past week in which the prime minister directed his security forces to bulldoze a synagogue near Judaism's third holiest site, destroy another synagogue near Judaism's second holiest site, boot a rabbi and his mobile yeshiva from Hebron – the world's oldest Jewish city – and forcibly remove two Jewish families from a Hebron Jewish market.

Olmert's actions are "anti-Jewish and hostile to Judaism in spite of the fact that he speaks Hebrew and dwells in the Land of the Patriarchs," read a statement by the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, a coalition of more than 350 Israeli rabbinic leaders and pulpit rabbis.

One of the synagogues destroyed this week was constructed so Jews can pray at Joseph's Tomb, Judaism's third holiest site, believed to be the burial place of the biblical patriarch Joseph – the son of Jacob who was sold by his brothers into slavery and later became the viceroy of Egypt.

Trying to appease the palewhinians by giving away land won't work (hasn't worked in the past why should it work now?) and in doing so he levels synagogues near Jewish Holy Sites. What is up with that? These are sacred sites to the Jews, and Olmert doesn't care, he would rather give them away to the palies, and to hell with his own people.

Hell, I act more Jewish than that palie butting kissing chicken. And I am a Christian!

The Israeli people need to dump this turd before he can cause any more harm to them, or give away any more land.

"Wherever I Stand, I Stand with Israel!"

Mr Minority