Friday, August 10, 2007

The American Public is Not as Stupid as the MSM Thinks

The MSM thinks the American public is a bunch of moronic vegetables basking in the sunlight of their biased BS. Not so!
More than half of Americans say US news organizations are politically biased, inaccurate, and don't care about the people they report on, a poll published Thursday showed.

And poll respondents who use the Internet as their main source of news -- roughly one quarter of all Americans -- were even harsher with their criticism, the poll conducted by the Pew Research Center said.

More than two-thirds of the Internet users said they felt that news organizations don't care about the people they report on; 59 percent said their reporting was inaccurate; and 64 percent they were politically biased.

More than half -- 53 percent -- of Internet users also faulted the news organizations for "failing to stand up for America".

With the advent of the Internet, the public has become more informed, it allows the public to find alternative news sources, which tends to highlite the MSM's liberal news slant. The MSM keeps spewing the same old liberal bias, keeps pushing their anti-War, anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-Bush agenda, and the public sees this, because they have the ability to find the truth elsewhere.

Will they stop? No, because they think all is well in La-la Land, despite newspaper readership sinking like Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile, and despite Fox News kicking everyones butt in TV news viewership. They will continue in their biased spewing and liberal agenda, because they think they are right and the public needs the brainwashing.

And that is why conservative talk shows are very popular, because the public doesn't want what the MSM has to offer, they want the truth.

And we deserve the truth!

Mr Minority