Thursday, August 02, 2007

How Can Our Gov't Ignore The Problem?

The Federal Gov't is suppose to protect it's citizens, but how can it protect us when it blatantly ignores this problem - ILLEGALS killing Americans!

An ILLEGAL crashes into a school bus

Drunk ILLEGAL kills 2 Americans (and he had already been deported and snuck back in)

An ILLEGAL raped two women

This is just one day's worth that made the news, how many don't make the news? How many incidences of ILLEGALS committing crimes, murdering, raping, DUIs happen in a year in the US?

I say anything over zero is 1 too many.

Where is the Gov't in all this? Releasing ILLEGALS and trying to give them visas, that's where.

And the morons in DC wonder why the public was upset about that stupid shamnesty bill, many it has something to do with the public seeing ILLEGALS getting a free pass at being here and them killing our neighbors.

You had wake up Washington, because you are not doing your job and the public is starting to get tired of seeing their neighbors rape or murdered.

Mr Minority