Friday, July 27, 2007

As If That Will Help Your Case

The defendant (who is representing himself) in a murder asked if he could dress in his religious garb, and the judge granted his wish. So Lazaro Galindo who is accused of murdering a man and then eating parts of him, will come to court in his full Satanist costume!
Florida trial Judge Peter Adrien has ruled that a satanist on trial for allegedly killing and dismembering another man, then eating portions of the body, may wear his full religious regalia when he defends himself in court.

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant State Attorney Herbert E. Walker III, told WND the motion was brought by Lazaro Galindo, who is on trial for the 2000 death of Argelio Gonzalez.

Walker said he did not object to the request, because Galindo cited recent decisions that have allowed Islam into U.S. courtrooms for Muslim faithful, and he didn't want to set up a circumstance that could result in grounds for an appeal if Galindo is convicted.

Wow! The jury is just going to love his satan clown suit. Long black satiny robe, pointed shoes, nekkid underneath, oh, don't forget, you must accessorize with a bloody sacrificing knife.

The judge is correct, if it is good enough for Muslims, it is good enough for a satanist.

*snicker, snicker*

This one I must watch on Court TV

Mr Minority