Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Get Rid of Them - Now!

Even though the House passed an Ethics Bill, to help end the corruption, the Senate (Thanks Harry! and his loyal Donks) decided to gut their bill and make it ineffective. So much for voting in the Donks to end the "culture of corruption".

While this is all going on, Congress still has it's bad apples that must be gotten rid of. The FBI is currently investigating 1 Senator and several House members and I say - Get Rid of Them!

If you read the list, you see that it has 2 Donks and 6 Republicans on it. I won't stand by party politics and excuse the Republicans and chastise the Donks, I say they all must go. In fact I would I want the Republicans to go just as badly as the Donks, because the Party doesn't need these people bad enough to let them taint the Party's image any worse than they already have. In my eyes, a corrupt Republican is just as bad as a corrupt Donk, and Congress needs to be purged of ALL corrupt members regardless of party affiliation.

The Gov't was set up for the people, not so some power hungry person can line their pockets with money, and that idea needs to be pounded into their heads. They serve at the whim of the people, not the other way around.

Get Rid of Them - Now!

Mr Minority