Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good Riddance!

It is good to see that a few Leftards are living up to their promises to move to Canada if Bush was reelected. It appears that Americans moving to Canada is at a 30 year high.
It may seem like a quiet country where not much happens besides ice hockey, curling and beer drinking. But our neighbor to the north is proving to be quite the draw for thousands of disgruntled Americans.

The number of U.S. citizens who moved to Canada last year hit a 30-year high, with a 20 percent increase over the previous year and almost double the number who moved in 2000.

In 2006, 10,942 Americans went to Canada, compared with 9,262 in 2005 and 5,828 in 2000, according to a survey by the Association for Canadian Studies.


The current increase is fueled largely by social and political reasons, says Jedwab.

"Those who are coming have the highest level of education — these aren't people who can't get a job in the states," he explains. "They're coming because many of them don't like the politics, the Iraq War and the security situation in the U.S. By comparison, Canada is a tension-free place. People feel safer."

I say that is acceptable to me, America doesn't need their whiny crying BDS voices anyway. I feel the same way seeing the Leftards moving to Canada as I would feel about taking a much needed crap, nothing is lost that I wanted to keep around anyway.

Oh and this little nugget was hidden in the middle of the article: the number of Canadians going the other way. Yet, that imbalance is shrinking. Last year, 23,913 Canadians moved to the United States...

So America is lost 10,942 anti-America Leftards last year but gained 23,913 Canadians. America can't be all that bad if twice as many Canadians moved here to those that left.

If some Americans don't want to live here, then let them exercise their freedom of choice to leave and do so. In fact I encourage more of those that hate America, hate our military folks, hate Republicans, hate Christians and hate all the good and honest values that America stands for....and LEAVE!

Oh, and don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Da Svedanya Commrades!

Mr Minority