Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Did You Know....?

Did you know that President Bush has never visited San Fransisco as president?
Every U.S. president in the last 75 years has visited the city of San Francisco, with one exception: George W. Bush.

Now in the fifth year of his presidency, Bush has yet to set foot in San Francisco and has no plans to do so. He’s scheduled a visit to California in the near future, and the city is not on his itinerary, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Is there any wonder as to why that is? Could it be that it is one of the must Liberal City in the US? Could it be that it has some of the stupidest Nanny Laws on the books (manitory fresh water for your dog)? Could it be that it has one of the largest Gay Activist populations in America (and they HATE Bush)? Or could it be that some of the wacked out leftist group call San Fran home? What ever the reason President Bush has for not visiting the Sodom and Gomorrah of America, it's good enough for me, because that place is a hell hole. If Frisco were to up and disappear tomorrow, it wouldn't be missed by me.

Mr Minority

PS: Unfortunately I am 50 miles south of there (San Jose) right now on business and that is still too close for me.