Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mr M is Sick and Tired of... Part II

I wrote Part I over a year ago, and I am a patient man, but there comes a time when you have had enough and have to either rant it all out or shoot the bastards. I am going to just rant it out.

I am Sick and Tired of the UN and it's Arab Butt kissing agenda. The UN hates Israel and will do anything in it's power to hurt Israel and help the palewhinians.

I am Sick and Tired of the MSM and Cindy Sheehan! I am sick of the way the MSM is making a saint out of that wretched woman, and I am sick of her dishonoring the life her son gave for his country. Both ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they won't because they are both too wrapped up in themselves.

I am Sick and Tired of silent Muslims. If Muslims are so against their crazy brethren, then why don't they say something about? A few have come out against Islamofascists, but not enough. And I am sick and tired of the two-faced CAIR thinking it can appease Americans with it's phony fatwa condemning these terrorists. They try to act like they want to bridge the gap with Americans, but in reality they only want to protect these killers.

I am Sick and Tired of the Donks!! I am sick of their saying they have values, when that is further from the truth. I am sick of their whining, I am sick of their obstructing, I am tired of their cheating, stealing, self-centered attitude, deception, distortion of the truth and I am just plain sick of most of them. All they care about is power and ways to enrich themselves and their cronies. They have the values of Joseph Stalin and his agenda also. They have no honor, they have no values, they are self-serving humanist that want and take, and when they don't get what they want, they cheat or steal it. I have no use for the present day Donks, used toilet paper is more useful than they are.

I am Sick and Tired of the Left. I am tired of them trying to reshape America into a socialist welfare utopia. Their agenda of de-Christianizing America, rewriting history, perverting the minds of our youths, giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to the undeserving and rewriting the Constitution into a Communist Manifesto gets me hoping mad. If they were a small lunatic fringe they wouldn't be so bad, but since they have infiltrated the University system, NEA, Unions and Media they cannot be call a fringe, and that makes them dangerous. I am tire of their Hating of everything that s good and what made America strong. They are a weakening agent bound to take America down the sewers and must be stopped.

I am Sick and Tired of the ACLU. Their agenda is the same as the Left's but they are attacking the very instituions and values that made America strong. Such as prayer and the Boy Scouts. They also need to be stopped before the damage is irreversable.

I am Sick and Tired of the Nannies that want to enact laws for everything to protect the stupid from themselves. I say if an idiot does step on the top rung of a ladder and falls or a lady does spill hot coffee in her lap, or someone sticks they finger into a running lawnmower blade, they should have known better and we don't need laws protecting us from stupid people. When you protect stupid people all you are doing is allowing them to breed, which dilutes the gene pool.

I am normally a positive person, but when you read the crap that the MSM puts out and the negative things that the conservative press releases, you get to the point where you want to explode at the idiots trying to ruin our country and our lives. Now that I vented, I feel a little bit better, but I am still sick and tired of these idiots.

Mr Minority