Thursday, August 18, 2005

ACLU - School Board Members are Terrorists

The ACLU has been fighting school board memebers in Louisiana about prayer before their school board meeting. And the school board has been fighting them back and ignoring them, so the local ACLU commie lawyer has publically likened them to terrorists.
A local ACLU director equated al-Qaida terrrorists with members of a Louisiana school board seeking to open their meetings with prayer.

Joe Cook of the ACLU of Louisiana spoke on camera with WAFB-TV, Baton Rouge, La., while staff and teachers of the Tangipahoa Parish district in New Orleans were at a seminar being informed of their free-speech rights by a member of the Alliance Defense Fund.

Referring to the school board, Cook said, "They believe that they answer to a higher power, in my opinion. Which is the kind of thinking that you had with the people who flew the airplanes into the buildings in this country, and the people who did the kind of things in London."

This ACLU wanker is majorly upset because the people are not buying into the ACLU's power plays and are ignoring the little twit. So the little ACLU twit is huffing and puffing and screaming about God Fearing people being the same as Islamic Terrorists.
Mike Johnson, senior counsel and southeastern regional coordinator for the Alliance Defense Fund, said Cook has become increasingly outlandish in his statements.

"It shows the ACLU has become more and more extreme and marginalized," said Johnson. "So, to that extent, I like it when he talks, because he simply reveals who they are."

Johnson said the ACLU tries to "come across as champions of liberty, but the truth of the matter is they are extremists."

"It's clear in a number of recent cases that the ACLU of Louisiana wants to impose a radical form of secularism that the Constitution doesn't require, and frankly, that people of this state are not willing to accept," Johnson said.

Extremists they are, they are the one that are to compared to as Islamic Terrorist, because both want to bring down America and turn it into their idea of a socailist/dictitorial utopia. Well guess what ACLU/al-Qaida, it's not going to happen as long as there are still red blooded, God fearing Americans still willing to fight against the evil that you are spreading. That is what you are up against, and we will prevail.

Mr Minority

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