Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy Sheehan is Losing Her Media War

I admit it when I am wrong and others are right and in the case Sheehan and her media dogs, I was wrong and Doug Powers was right. Doug in his latest column for WorldNetDaily said that Sheehan even with all her media coverage is self destructive to their cause, and an AOL Poll shows that he is correct.

"Do you agree with Sheehan's views?" - 44% Yes 56% No

"Do you agree with Sheehan's tactics?" - 41% Yes 59% No

These numbers tell me that for all her support from the Looney Left and the MSM, the people of America aren't buying the crap. And as more parents that support America become vocal in their denouncement of Sheehan and her crazy friends, the people are going to be more disatisfied with this anti-War circus. I need to learn to trust the public to know truth from garbage.

Mr Minority