Friday, April 01, 2005

Mexican Standoff on the Border

Ol' Mexican Presidente Vinnie Fox doesn't like the idea of AMERICANS protecting their border from HIS people crossing it illegally, so he is going to send the Mexican Army to help out.
Mexico's President Vicente Fox is preparing to respond militarily to a group of U.S volunteers who plan to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border starting tomorrow, positioning more than a thousand troops nearby, according to an Arizona TV station.

"The Mexican military is on standby," reports NBC's Tucson affiliate KVOA. "One unit has about a thousand soldiers. They're located just across the border."

So Vinnie wants his people to break America laws and cross over illegally, and he wants to interfer with OUR efforts to stop them, thus he is going to send the army. I see no problem, as long as HIS army stays on their side, does not help the illegals and leaves us Americans alone. But as soon as his people do something, there will be Hell to pay, because if the Gov't doesn't do anything, Americans will, and it won't be pretty. Bush had better get off the stick, get on the right side of the issue and tell Fox to back off. We don't need a foriegn Gov't like Mexico, interferring with us trying to close OUR border to HIS illegals. If Fox had any Cojones, he would do something himself, not encourage it. Things are gonna to happen, and lead is gonna fly.

Mr Minority