Thursday, March 31, 2005

Anti-Gays Not Allowed to Speak in School

Since when is a student not allowed to voice their opinion in an open forum? Well according to this School, they can't during a "diversity" training session.
In its mandatory "diversity training" classes, a school district has instructed students who believe homosexual behavior is wrong to keep their opinions to themselves, prompting a federal lawsuit.

The Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund filed a motion for preliminary injunction yesterday to immediately prohibit the Boyd County, Kentucky, Board of Education from restricting the free-speech rights of its students.

The training itself began as a result of the settlement of another lawsuit filed against the board by the Boyd County High School Gay-Straight Alliance, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

"The school district is attempting to change the beliefs of students without their parents' consent," Theriot said. "The provisions of any settlement arrangement must respect the constitutional rights of students."

All middle and high school students in Boyd County schools are required to attend the special training.

So the School district has been forced to hold "training" sessions to promote the pro-Gay agenda, but students that believe homosexuality is wrong, can't speak out against it. Talk about BS and supression of the Freedom of Speech, if there is no discussion about the topic, then it is force feeding of the topic, and that is the wrong topic to force upon kids. If the Gays want acceptance, they should allow free discourse and not try to shovel it down kids throat, to acheive acceptance, you need to allow the other person to see it from your point of view, not just brainwashing. I am glad that the Alliance Defense Fund is filing suit on this, because schools have no right to force Homosexuality down anyones throat.

Mr Minority