Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Leftist Led Canadian Gov't in for a Fall

The Lefties in the Canadian Gov't signed the Kyoto Extortions, I mean Protocols, and now they are trying to find a way to implement it, and the Conservatives are pissed at their slimey actions.
OTTAWA (CP) - Conservative Leader Stephen Harper angrily vowed Thursday to vote against Kyoto-related provisions in a Liberal money bill, setting up a game of chicken that could bring a snap election no party claims to want.

Harper accused the Liberals of seeking "unlimited power to implement Kyoto without ever bringing a plan to Parliament. "This is a back door way . . . a dangerous way of proceeding, and it will certainly not have the support of this party," he told the Commons after a bill implementing provisions of the budget was introduced.

NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe both said they would vote against the bill even though they support the Kyoto treaty, because they disagree with the budget as a whole.

If all three opposition parties vote against it, the government could fall.

The sticking point for the Tories is a proposed revision of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to remove the word "toxic" from key provisions.

That would make it possible to regulate greenhouse emissions - such as carbon dioxide - under the act even though they are not toxic.

Harper says that revision was not mentioned in the budget that won tacit Conservative support when the Liberals tabled it in February. The Liberals say the budget did promise regulations to cut greenhouse emissions even though it didn't mention the environmental protection act.

Harper said his party will vote against the amendments, and it will be up to Prime Minister Paul Martin to decide if he considers that a matter of confidence on which the government would fall.

This is about the Left doing what they want, pulling a little Backdoor fast one and the Right saying "No Way Hoser!" It would serve the Left right if the Gov't did fall and a new election was needed. The Left is full of Slime, Cheaters and Stealers, and shouldn't be in charge of any Gov't. Can't trust the Left, not even with a Canadian dime.

Mr Minority