Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Kofi Shredder

How can Kofi Annon maintain his position as Sec General of the UN when every day new evidence appears that implicates him in the Oil-for-Food Scandal or being part of the cover-up. And he definitely is part of the cover-up, otherwise why would his Chief-of-Staff shred documents related to the program?
KOFI ANNAN faced growing pressure to stand down as UN Secretary-General yesterday when an independent inquiry into the Iraq Oil-for-Food scandal found that UN documents were shredded in a possible cover-up.

The investigation found that Iqbal Riza, Mr Annan’s chief of staff, ordered the shredding the day after the Security Council approved the inquiry last April, and the shredding continued until the week of December 7.

The documents covered the crucial period from 1997 to 1999, when the Swiss company that employed Mr Annan’s son, Kojo, as a consultant was awarded a lucrative UN border-inspection contract in Iraq.

Ten days before the shredding, Mr Riza had sent the heads of nine UN-related agencies a directive asking them to “take all necessary steps to collect, preserve and secure all files, records and documents . . . relating to the Oil-for-Food programme”.

Paul Volcker, who led the inquiry, said: “Whether that material contained any evidence that we did not otherwise get from UN files more generally is, of course, not known.”

The possible cover-up adds a new dimension to a scandal that has tarnished the reputation of the UN and dozens of politicians and prominent figures who allegedly received favours from Saddam Hussein. It comes at a time when the UN is also under fire for sexual abuse by its peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and sexual harassment and mismanagement by senior staff.

If Kofi had nothing to hide or knew nothing of the impropriety that was going on, then why was HIS Cief of Staff shredding documents? This needs to be answered and answered truthfully by Kofi. I personally think he is up to his neck in the scandal and he is just trying to cover his butt. He needs to go, and a bunch of other before the UN gets any kind of credibility back, and that will take a long time in coming.

Mr Minority