Saturday, April 02, 2005

And What is Wrong with "Values"?

Those that have NO values, hates those that proclaim or encourage them. And the ACLU and Gay Activists definitely hate values. Especially when the Gov't encourages values.
WASHINGTON - How should you talk to your children about sex? Tell them no sex, says a new government Web site that proclaims "abstinence is the healthiest choice." That's dictating values, say organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union and gay rights groups, and they want the site taken down.

Michael Leavitt, secretary of the Health and Human Services Department, says the Web site is right on target.

The site was designed for parents who are embarrassed about talking with their children about sex, Leavitt said in a statement.

"Parents have a tremendous amount of influence on their children and we want them to talk with their teens about abstinence so that they can stay safe and healthy," he said.

So if the Gov't dictates pro-Gay values it would be OK, but when the Gov't promotes abstinence, it's wrong. That is what is wrong with these small groups trying to push their agenda down our throats, they only want their idea of values to be recognized, not what America's wants. If they looked they would find that homosexuality is tolerated, but not concidered as a "value". Just look at all the states that passed anti-gay marriage amendments, just look at who won the Presidency, America is begging for values to be brought back into the mainstream, not pushed into the abyss. Valueless groups like the ACLU, Pro-Gay, PETA, and Anti-War wankers are what have ruined America, and REAL Americans want values back so as to restore America to the greatness it once was. Stay out of the way Valueless ones, because America is waking up and on the move, and your petty worthless agendas are going to get trampled.

Mr Minority