Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things That Chap My Ass

If you have been a reader of mine for a while you will notice that I have my pet peeves, things that I write about more than others. These are the things that really chap my ass!

Things like:

Man Made Global Warming - the latest movement to guide the lemmings over the cliff of reasoning and sanity. It has not been proven, decided or totally agreed upon, and the ones that tell you it has are liars and frauds.

Hypocrisies and Lying Rhetoric - Generally anything the Left or members of the Democratic Party say. If their lips move, you know they are lying.

Anti-Americanists - Those that say they love America, but then proceed to tear it down. Those that are Americans and never have a good word to about it at all. Those that we wish would move somewhere else, thank you very much.

HollyWeird Liberals - Give it a rest would ya? Yes, you have the right to utter inane banalities, and yes I have the right not to pay to see your crappy movies.

The ACLU - The only truth in the name of the American Civil Liberties Union, is Union. As in the Union of Soviet Socialists.

The UN - Why are we wasting money on this joke? It should be called the United Arab Anti-American and Civil Right Violators Organization, that would be closer to what it really is.

Truthers - Crazies that are given a voice in the public forum. The Government's microwave beams must have gotten screwed up when it was beamed into these peoples heads. Just imagine thousands of your crazy Aunt Sally jabbering about the same thing - there you go.

Stupidity - You know, those that say, do or believe the most stupid things. I blame it all on modern medicine, they would have died off long before they had a chance to be stupid, if it hadn't been for modern medicine.

The "Offended" - You know those people whose feelings get hurt over the slightest slight, even if the slight was not meant for them or couldn't possibly be offensive to a reasonable person. Easy solution: STFU and Get Over It!

Frivolous Lawsuits - Lawsuit that clog our courts bought by stupid people, assholes, the "offended", activists trying to change the law through the courts and those that qualify for the Darwin Award. The way to stop them is fine both the plantiff and their lawyer for wasting everyones time and money.

Bad Manners - The loud ass pig in the restaurant, the common civility challenged, the mother that doesn't say NO to her kids, and the rude person in the parking lot. The solution to instilling manners on these people is a Louisville Slugger across the back of the hand.

The Nannies - Those that think they need to protect me from me. The power hungry control freaks that believe that they are doing the best thing for you as they take away your freedoms and rights. Can you say Michael Bloomberg? I knew you could!

Islamist and their apologists - Want to kill me, want to conquer the world and want to force the conversion of everyone to Islam. Treat their woman worse than animals, barbaric Shara Laws, and cowards. And those that apologize for them and call them the "Religion of Peace". Vermin!

Eco-freaks (aka Bunny Fornicators or Tree Huggers) - No, that stupid rodent, fly, salamander, or tree is not more important than development or humans. And if you think so highly of them, why don't you marry the damn thing!

The Donks - To describe the Donks, see all of the above.

It is not that I get irritated about everything, just those things or people that try to impose their will, stupid ideals or laws on me, or those that want to take away my God given Rights as written in our Constitution. I am a very tolerant man, but the small list above jerks my chain and gets me riled.

Have a Nice Day!

Mr Minority

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