Friday, June 03, 2005

Mr M's Remedy on Illegal Border Crossings and Guest Workers Program

I have been thinking hard on the illegal immigration issue for a while, trying to envision a good compromise to rampant illegal border crossing, and the availability of cheap labor. The situation is becoming a powder keg for both sides, those that want to stem the flow of illegals, and those that want an open border and mass immigration of illegals to support their liberal agendas, be eligible for fraudulent voting, and to support their taking over Calif. for succeeding back to Mexico. We need a system that can stem the flow, allow NO voting, provide a source of cheap labor and allow the Mexican people an avenue to better their lives through hard work and America dollars.

I live in Texas, which has the longest border with Mexico, and probably has the largest population of illegal aliens in America. So I have been living with that many undocumented people using our services for free. So here is my opinion on the whole bruhaha.

Put yourself in their shoes, they see a country in which they can earn more money in 5 years than they can in 10 or 15 years in Mexico, thus they want to come here to help themselves and their families. But to come over here by crossing the border is illegal, and because of this they are always hiding, not paying taxes, and using our services on the sly. Something needs to be done, to keep the criminals and terrorists from crossing our borders along with the illegal people crossing for a better life. To stifle the illegal crossings, a program should be set in place to allow workers, that do serve a function and service, an avenue to come here and work. President Bush has proposed a Guest Workers program that will allow foreigners the ability to come to the US and work for a short period of time, earn some big money and then go home. So with that said:

I agree with President Bush and his program, with a few stipulations.

Stipulation #1) All illegal immigrants must leave the US to apply for this program. If they are caught without a workers permit, it's permanent deportation for them. No ifs ands or buts, permanent. People wanting to apply for the workers program must do it from outside of the US. Families may apply, but either husband or wife has to work, and no grandparents, cousins or uncles, just parents and children. All applicants and the applicant’s family will have background checks. Also to be fair, this application time line should only take a month at the most, it is unfair to make people wait for months or years.

Stipulation #2) All who are in this country to work, must pay taxes, and regular payroll deductions. In addition they can’t file for income tax refunds, because what they put in, stays in. And they will not receive any benefits from these programs. If they want to work in this country and send their money home to Mexico, that is fine, but shouldn’t expect to live off of our Gov't. They are guest workers, not citizens, thus they should not expect the benefits a citizen of America receives. They should receive basic medical care, that we can give, because it is the humane thing to do.

Stipulation #3) It's 5 years, not 6 or 10, but 5! When it is time to leave, leave, family and all, period! But they may have a chance at citizenship, if they apply for it and learn English. This is America, we speak English here, don't expect signs, forms or anything to be in any foreign language.

Stipulation #4) If they screw up and commit a crime, bye-bye, don't try to come back, because there WILL be a bounty on their head. If their children commit a crime, the whole family goes. It's a tough rule, but it means parents will control their kids.

Stipulation #5) If they are caught crossing the border ILLEGALLY, they will be imprisoned, because that is still a crime in our country. No more deportation and a chance for another try at the border, prison.

Stipulation #6) There NEVER will be any blanket amnesty; so don't stick around past the 5 years waiting for one, because it won't happen. Take your earnings, go home, and live better than before you came to America.

Stipulation #7) If they have a child here in America, yes that child, by law, is an American, but that doesn't mean that after the 5 years every one gets to stay, all must go home. If the child wants to come back to America after it's 18th birthday, that is OK, they are an American by law, but not anyone else.

Yes, these stipulations are tough, but if they want to work in America and earn a lot more money than they could in Mexico, that is the price they must pay. It sounds like indentured servitude, but it’s not, no one is forcing them to apply for the program, it’s voluntary. But it also allows people from other countries to come here and earn more in the five years than they could in ten. If they want to be legal immigrants, than is fine and dandy, apply for it, don't take it for granted. President Bush's plan could work if strictly enforced and with my stipulations, if not, it would be like telling everyone to come on in, we are giving away free amnesties, and you can break our laws, we don't care. It's time to get tough, but it also could be a time to allow people that want to work and raise themselves and their families out of poverty. And in addition, we strengthen our borders to keep the unwanted elements out, and gain security. With this program, we gain control of the borders, drastically decrease the urge to cross illegally, allow people that want to work, serve a function that our country needs, and have a larger tax paying base that doesn’t use our taxpayer money for support. My ideas may not be popular with many Americans, but they do allow for foreign workers to work here, and better themselves, without putting a big strain on our Gov't programs, paid by our taxes. My ideas could use some refining, but the main premise is this: They come here, they work, they pay taxes, and they go home, richer than we they first started or than they would have been staying at home, and we lessen the urge to cross illegally.

Mr Minority