Saturday, June 26, 2004

Opinion of the Day - 6/26

Today's Opinion of the Day is going to be Mine:

Last night I took the wife to the movies to see The Chronicles of Riddick (she likes Vin Diesel, and I like Sci-Fi and Action - go figure), there was a long line waiting to get tickets, and I asked the lady in front of me what movie she going to see and she said "Fahrenheit 9/11". My stomach turned, and I said "I'm Sorry". She gave me a weird look, and didn't speak to us again. I noticed that the Theater was playing this Crocumentary on 5, yes I said 5, screens. I had just ate a good Seafood dinner, and I could feel it start to come up my throat, I was sick. Waiting in line for Popcorn (Mmmm, Theater Popcorn) I was subjected to more Moon-Batery for the Fidiots around me talking about *spit* Michael Moore *spit* and his great films. I was now starting to get angry, and I wanted to grab someone by the shoulders, shake them and scream "This Guy Distort the Truth, Lies and is a Raving Leftist!!!", but I restrained myself, bought my Popcorn & Sodas and went to my screen to see a Great Kick-Ass Sci-Fi (Great FXs, Actions scenes and a good plot line - a must see for the Sci-Fi or Vin Diesel Fan). After the movie was over, we exited the theater, and saw that it was raining hard (Turd Floater as we call it down here in Texas) and that there was a very long line waiting to get into the Theater under the colonnade. We move to the edge, waiting for the rain to lessen, pressed by people all around us. I asked a lady next to me "what is this line for?", she answered "Oooh everyone is waiting to see Fahrenheit 9/11, isn't that neat!". I couldn't take it anymore, and I looked her straight in the eyes and said "I'm sorry you are wasting your money on that piece of SHIT!". I then drug my poor wife into the pouring rain to walk to our car, waaaaay out in the parking lot. I would rather get soaked to the skin, than have to rub elbows with deluded Shitheads!!

I realize that Austin is the Moon-Bat Cave of Texas, but don't these people realize that when they support crap like Michael Moore's Crocumentary, that they are giving into the Lies and Deception that he puts forth? I am sicken to think that everyday people are passively giving up their Rights and Freedoms without so much as a fight! When the Police accidently raid their house because of a clerical error in the address, abuse them and trash their house, then say "I'm Sorry", and the people DO NOTHING about it - they give up a piece of their Freedom and become more of a slave. When a city takes away their land, under the guise of Eminient Domain, and sell the land to a Developer for a Mall to boost the City's tax base, and they DO NOTHING about it - they give up a piece of their Freedom and become more of a slave.
I am sick of seeing people roll over like toy poodles and bare their bellys when the Media Lies, Police and Juditial Injustices happen, and when Laws are passed that take away our Constitution Rights!! It is time for Constitutional Realists to grab hold of the Fidiots™ of America by the shoulders, bitch slap them repeatedly and say "DO YOU WANT TO BE A SLAVE? When you Give Up and Give In to this BULLSHIT you are becoming a Slave!!!!"

I'm sick and so should you be, we all need to do something about it. One thing that comes to my mind is, start handing out copies of the Constitution, and just ask people to read it. Don't force anything on them yet, just point out what our Constitution really says.

Thank you for putting up with my ranting, but I am still pissed this morning.

Mr Minority - Lover of our Nation and Our Constitution