Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who is the Biggest Bad Ass Amoung the Bad Asses?

[This post will remain on top because I am wanting a good sample size for my poll]

Last night as I was watching Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell, I thought about his roll as Snake Pliskin in Escape From New York and how he played a great bad ass good guy. Which got me to thinking as to who was the best Bad Ass Good Guy in movies.

Thus I am creating a poll to see whom everyone thinks is the the best Bad Ass Good Guy in movies. And hear are a couple of my candidates:

- Snake Pliskin - Kurt Russell

- Any cowboy played by Clint Eastwood (ie: Josey Wells, The Preacher, the Man with No Name...)

- Dirty Harry - Clint Eastwood

- John McClain from Die Hard - Bruce Willis

- The Terminator in 2 & 3 - Arnold S

Who is your #1 Bad Ass Good Guy?

Mr Minority