Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Local Leftards Protest for Terrorists!

As I was watching the local news here in the Austin, TX area, they had a story on a bunch of morons protesting against Israel and it's self defensive attacks in the Gaza strip.

What bothered me the most was not that they were pro-palewhinians, but that they condemning Israel for trying to stop the Hamas leadership from continuing its rocket attacks against innocent women and children.

No one with a "Stop the Bombing" sign said anything about Hamas breaking the truce, about their hundreds of rocket attacks aimed at killing civilians, no they were concerned about Israel defending itself in trying to decapitate the Hamas leadership. Even Egypt and other Arab leaders have denounced Hamas for breaking their truce and the rocket attacks, but these Austin Leftards will not acknowledge this facts as they are too busy being Jew Haters.

Screw these palewhinian butt lickers and their moronic idea of justice, Israel needs to do what has to to defend itself, regardless of what these morons, the UN or the press thinks.

Mr Minority

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