Monday, January 05, 2009

Listen Up World, Stay Out of It!

The EU, European Gov'ts, Muslim countries and their brothers are all clamoring at Israel to sit down with the Hamas and agree to a cease fire.

And so far Israel has ignore them. To which I say, Bully!!!

This fight is between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas, who's prime directive is to kill Jews and wipe out Israel. Israel has had enough of their rocket attacks and decided, enough is enough, and took to fighting back against the child killers. Their plan is to kill Hamas, decapitate its leadership, not indiscriminately kill palestinians (as Hamas is doing to Israel), so they can no longer campaign against Israel.

As this is going on, we have the self righteous Dhimmi Gov'ts of Europe pleading for a cease fire, ignoring the hundreds of rockets that Hamas has fired into Israel.

To these palewhinian lovers, I say: Stay Out of It! Let Israel take care of business so it they can ensure that it won't happen again for a long time.

Mr Minority

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