Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Weird Question to Ponder Upon

No, the question isn't about politics, the environment or any other thing I generally rant about. It is this:

Why do humans spend so much money and time being entertained by other humans, playing different humans?

As I was watching NCIS on my Sony Bravia 52" LCD TV in High Def, I all of a sudden ask myself that question. Then I thought about the money I have spent on my TV, Surround Sound system, Blu-Ray player and DVDs, and what others have spent and will spend, just to be entertained by other humans. Look at the different industries that are totally geared just for this, TVs, movies, theaters, plays, DVD and Video players, the list is long. And look at how much money is spent by consumers to pay to watch another person play a different person.

What in our human makeup that drives us to be this way?

And it isn't just in today's world, this goes back to the creation of man, with early civilizations paying people to act out stories, plays, and such.


I don't have any answer, but I think it peculiar that we are this way.

Strange. Or is it just me?

Mr Minority