Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is With These Beltway RINOs?

Since the election, the RINOs have been bemoaning the loss and blaming it on the social-cons and Religious Right. Several GOP Senators said that the Party needs to move towards the center to win elections, Newt and others said that Sarah Palin doesn't represent the Party's politics and now columnist and pundit Mort Kondracke says Rush Limbaugh needs to shut up and be fired because he stirs up the proles.
How can the Republican Party rebound? The first step would be to quit letting Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham set its agenda.

A second step would be for congressional Republicans to actually try to help President-elect Barack Obama succeed in addressing the country's dire problems – offering better ideas where appropriate and opposing just when necessary, not reflexively.


But step 1 is to fire Limbaugh and his ilk as the intellectual bosses of the GOP.

The biggest misconception these squishy RINOs make is that the election losses are due to being far Right, not Centered enough, and acting like Donks. What these tea sipping East Coast RINO snobs don't realizes is that the opposite is the true reason for the losses.

When the masses can see no difference between a Republican and a Donk, they voted for a Donk. When they see Republicans increasing the size of the Federal Gov't, wanting to give amnesty to millions of ILLEGAL Aliens and conspiring with Donks to hold up the conformation of Federal Judges, they said "why should I vote for a Republican, when I can vote for a Donk that will do the same thing?"

If Republicans really want to win elections again, they need to move Right, pledge to decrease the size of Gov't, decrease the size of spending, refuse to buy into pork spending and pledge to truly defend the rights of their constituents.

They need to also ignore/marginalize the squishy RINOs and their wrongly opinionated ilk and listen to the base that has the voting power.

For someone that "doesn't represent the voice of the Party", Sarah Palin's 92% approval rating tells me that her politics are what the base wants, not RINOs.

PS: Hey Mort, Rush's voice and opinions reaches tens of millions of people that agree with him, can you say the same?

Mr Minority