Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Advise From Tony Blair's Wife

Yes, the wife of Tony Blair has written an article addressed to Michelle Obama, telling her that she should just be the First Lady and expect to be in the background.
WASHINGTON: It was tough-love talk from one high-profile professional mother to another, only this hard-hitting counsel did not come in a phone call or a letter. It appeared in The Times of London this month under the headline, "My Advice to Michelle Obama: Learn to Like the Back Seat."

The pointed words came from Cherie Blair, a lawyer, mother of three and the wife of Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Britain. Brace yourself for big letdowns in your life as first lady, she warned Obama, a lawyer, mother of two and the wife of President-elect Barack Obama.

"You have to learn to take the back seat, not just in public, but in private," advised Blair, who writes regularly for The Times of London. "When your spouse is late to put the kids to bed, or for dinner, or your plans for the weekend are turned upside down again, you simply have to accept that he had something more important to do."

That is great advise, but will the radical Michelle Obama listen? Or will she be like Hillary Clinton and expect to be part of the presidency?

What Michelle Obama needs to remember, and what Hillary forgot, was that the 53 Million people elected her husband to the office of the President of the United States, not her, not her daughters and not the soon to be dog.

But I have a feeling that Michelle will ignore the advise and expect for people to jump when she says so, and expects to set agenda and have a big role in making policy.

God save us from B. Hussein Obams, but God please save us from the hating wrath of Michelle Obama.

Mr Minority